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spending lots of time, finally our new version is finished. In this version there are A LOT of new features: 1- A new theme like an operating system for ease of use. 2- Ability to change ANY thing in this vertion. (graphics, color, ...). 3- Ability to control some of the features by the visitors. 4- Best performance. CPU usage when all the windows are minimized is zero and Ram usage of each window is about 6 kilo bytes! 5- VERY, very small site that the loading is ONLY 31 kilo bytes and this website with all of it's windows is 283 kilo bytes (BEST for dialup modems!). 6- Very beautiful and unique graphic. 7- Admin control pannel to have absolute control on website (To view an example of admin control pannel, please click here). 8- Ability to make more than one users with restrictions. 9- A compelete statics of the website (To view an example of statics of this website, please please click here). 10- Weblog and News section with dynamic update. 11- Lots of usefull parameters to have absolute power in updating or putting external Flash files into this site (Actions List). 12- All the pages are (and after any update, will be) in Flash and HTML (HTMLs are used for search engines). 13- HTML support. 14- Useful for websites that has lots of visitors (because there is no real database and the files are SO small). 15- Supported with search engines. 16- This whole website is based on ASP.net (It can be converted to PHP). 17- Lots of other programs like Chat, MP3 Player, ... 18- With very powerful built-in search engine.

Writer : Mahdi Monfared

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